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As a combat sport, not having access to partners to physically train with and/or compete against is difficult for wrestling. One of the main characteristics that makes wrestlers so unique is our competitive nature.  For this reason, one of the services we are extremely excited to provide is our e-Lympics Tournament Series!

The e-Lympics is a point based virtual tournament system for individuals, teams and states to compete against each other for the e-championship and awesome prizes!  The series begins with tournaments every Saturday starting at 12 p.m. EST and spans over the course of 3 months, consisting of of various events that push our technical, physical and mental capabilities.


We are looking to build the e-Lympics into the premier virtual championship for the wrestling community as we work through our current times.  It is a great avenue for individuals to fuel their competitive nature, for teams to continue building synergy and growth, and states to collectively come together for fun and challenging virtual competition!  


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