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eLympics Tournament Series

e-Lympics Tournament Series

3-Month Competition between members, teams and states


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Important Dates:

Registration Opens Sunday, May 3

Event Release Thursday, May 7

Tournament Starts Saturday, May 9

Finishes Saturday, July 25


In the midst of our social distancing clearly we want to blast double someone, or super-duck some kid, or grind it out with anyone and everyone - but we can't.  Instead our progress as a country is contingent upon strengthening what we control, such athletic development, skill, strength, stamina, intelligence, etc. 


To feed our hunger for competition we have compiled a comprehensive series of professional challenges in the wrestling spirit. Developed and promoted by the country's top athletes, coaches and intellectuals, we are happy to invite the wrestling community the inaugural eLympic Tournament Series!


The eLympics is a series of 12 virtual workouts testing athleticism, endurance, strength, wrestling skills, etc. with one workout released each week over 12 consecutive weeks. The workouts will be released on Thursdays at 5 p.m.  Participants will have until Friday at midnight to register.  


Competition will be begin Saturday morning and will be live streamed with an exclusive provider to allow the national wrestling community to view virtually.  Once the event ends at the designated time on Saturday, registrants will not be able to adjust or resubmit a score for that workout.


Performances in each workout are judged, validated, ranked and then released on the eLympic Leaderboard on Monday at 12 p.m. EST.

Every event is worth 50 points and participants earn points based on their finish.  Athletes who tie receive the same number of points.  If an athlete fails to complete an event within the time cap (for timed events), their score will be capped and they will receive a -1 penalty for each rep not completed.  


At the end of the month the athlete, team and state with the most points is the winner of that tournament series.  At the end of the series, the athlete, team and state with the most combined points will win the eLympic Championship!



May 9       eSectionals

May 16     eRegionals

May 23     eSemi-State

May 30     eState Championships

June 6      Western eRegionals

June 13    Central eRegionals

June 20    Eastern eRegionals

June 27    eNational Championship

July 4        eTrials

July 11      Last Chance eQualifier

July18       eWorlds

July25       eLympic Championship


Opens May 3rd @ 5 p.m. EST


Reece Humphrey - World Team Member

Pat Downey - World Team Member

Gable Steveson -Junior World Champions

Victoria Anthony - Junior World Champion

Cornell Robinson - USAW Cadet World Team Coach

& More!!



Individual Men's and Women's:

  • 8u

  • 10u

  • 12u

  • 14u

  • 16u

  • USA Junior

  • U23

  • Senior

  • Masters

There will also be a TEAM and STATE Division


Place top 10 in each Division and special awards for Bronze, Silver and Gold.



"First Cut" (Timed Event):

3 Rounds

50 Pushups

1 minute Stance & Motion

50 Air Squats

1 minute Stance & Motion

50 Mountain Climbers

1 minute Stance & Motion

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