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During these times we understand it may be difficult to stay engaged, inspired and progressing in our sport.  Others are extremely engaged and focused but may not have the outlet to train.  Because we do not know what the future holds it is our belief that we must adapt to the times and control our own future - individually and collectively.  


Our virtual practices are designed to do just that.  We aim to maximize this opportunity of ours and continue to grow the sport with multiple daily classes throughout the day filled with technique, strength, conditioning, and athletic development.  With world-class athletes and coaches running practices daily, there is no better place to get your training and inspiration in every time zone! 

Current Schedule: (Week of May 4, 2020)

** All times Eastern Standard Time**


12 p.m.   Reece Humphrey

4 p.m.     Jesse Porter


12 p.m.   Bryce Meredith

4 p.m.     J'den Cox


12 p.m.   Alexandria Glaude

4 p.m.     Kamal Bey


12 p.m.    Pat Lugo

4 p.m.


12 p.m.    Mallory Velte

4 p.m.      Jesse Porter

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