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Online Wrestling University

Become a student of the sport! 

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One of our more impressive services of our OTC is our Online Wrestling University.  We have built a comprehensive and ever expanding e-Learning platform designed to provide certified compliance in the sport of wrestling.

Courses include the History of Wrestling, Governing Bodies, Techniques, Health & Wellness, Weight Management, Training and Competition, Winning Mentality, etc. Retention of these material are increased through quizzes, exams, assessments, etc. by our dedicated group of online instructors.

Our easy to use and interactive LMS system is on a cloud-based location which allows members to learn anywhere and at their own pace.  Increased engagement is created through videos, images, audio files, PDF files, study materials, worksheets, daily tasks, etc. for an interactive and enjoyable learning experience.

Wrestling is both an art and a science. Although our physical and technical training is vital, becoming a student of the sport and developing our wrestling IQ is just as important as almost anything else.  For this reason we are looking forward to providing you a great and comprehensive learning experience!


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